What if…?

What If…?

Emanita01 has slightly edited this lovely prose poem she’s just found.
The original text, penned by Tracey, was found amongst the golden comments
posted on RoughWaterJohn the Pirate’s blog.

What if the universe itself reveled
in that special connection
between thee and the girl you’d once loved?

What if the universe wished
for its own sake and for those involved
to experience the beauty of it once again?

What if that celestial force arranged
a seemingly unlikely reconnecting decades later
and watched with great delight
as two kindred souls
found their song together once more.

What if friends, though apart by distance,
enrich one another’s lives and bring each other joy
for the rest of their earthly stay
and perhaps beyond.

Tracey April 8, 2011 at 7:20 PM

To which RoughWaterJohn responded:

Then I’d say the world is a pretty amazing place, and there is more beauty and wonder in the world, than any Pirate deserves, especially this one. :-)

RoughWaterJohn April 8, 2011 at 8:18 PM


About emanita01

I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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