Info on Cinquains from Jo Bryant

Posted elsewhere on March 18, 2011 by emanita01

Definition of Cinquain Poetry Type and Term

Cinquain Poetry Type has five lines:
Line 1 is one word (the title)
Line 2 is two words that describe the title.
Line 3 is three words that tell the action
Line 4 is four words that express the feeling
Line 5 is one word that recalls the title
American poet Adelaide Crapsey created the cinquain based on the Japanese haiku.

Example of Cinquain Poetry Type
Strong, Tall
Swaying, swinging, sighing
Memories of summer

Okay those are the rules…

Emanita01 says: …Now you all can take it from here :)


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I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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