RoughWaterJohn Passes on The Seven Links Challenge v2.0 Gauntlet

I am awed, amazed and awfully intimidated that RoughWaterJohn should chose me as one of those to rise up to The Seven Links Challenge v2.0.

He wrote, …I hereby Challenge thee:

Fodder4Writing A beautiful writer, with a soul that shines as bright as her smile. Deep thoughts rub cheeks with lighthearted fun.

GULP! Wow!

WOW! Gulp!

I mean, I wasn’t even sure that creating a sister blog to Fodder4Thinking was a good idea.

Questions popped up like:
Is my writing good enough to merit a standalone blog?
Is what I have to say of ANY interest to other writers and poets?
Do I really want to expose my writing voice to the world in this way?

My ubiquitous muses got together when I wasn’t paying attention. Their vote for the new blog was unanimous and not to be denied. Thus, Fodder4Writing was created. My muses inspire, I capture and what we create together eventually finds it way onto my blog. Sometimes I post directly then wince at the thought. Sometimes my writing sits in the draft section, for long times, which gets my muses very angry. Sometimes, I seek counsel from other poets & writers whom I admire, like Jo Bryant , then I post with the confidence that comes from knowing talented eyes have perused and commented on my work.

But now, RWJ’s gone and challenged me to take an even closer look into my writing.
And so, now I rise to the challenge hoping to do it honor.

PS: Looks as if there’s some crucial info missing as to what one most do to respond to the challenge. You’re supposed to go through your own blog posts and choose seven that fit the “categories” that follow (e.g. what in your opinion is your most beautiful post, your most popular post and so on).  And then, once you’ve chosen seven of your own posts, you pass the challenge on to three other blogs that you appreciate.

There, hope this clarifies things 😀

Most Beautiful Post
If my choice be based on beauty embodied by a post, I must follow the Cap’n and say bugger the rules. I’m obliged to choose two. This is the Pirate challenge version2:

Firstly, there’s Thar She Blows. I know I penned it, but each time I read this poem, I ‘m left with a beautiful haunted kind of feeling. Not only can I hear the sea gulls cawing (do seagulls caw?), it takes me to that awesome tree place where I can feel the wind’s embrace.

And then there’s My Little Girl’s Sad Today. To read it is all that’s necessary to comprehend its beauty.

Most Popular Post
Hmmmm, two also for the second link. Why? Well because, one of my most recent posts, Rain Song, has just jostled No Going Back out of its most popular post position. And so, I says, says me “As both be mighty deservin’ of this position, and so two for one, shall it be! Aaaaaaaaargh!”

Sorry, got taken away to the Cap’n’s ship there…er, moving on then to the

Most Controversial Post
Er, controversial off- or on-line?   Ok, since this is my award, I guess I’ll be going with one of each…LOL!

Off-line meaning that just before I posted Atlantic Crossing, A Pantoum Poem, or maybe it was just AFTER posting it… I read it at my local poetry group’s meeting. There was controversy over this and that, but my muse held her ground firmly.

At the end of the meeting, however, I was quite surprised to hear the other members’ unanimous opinion: “Ever since you created your blog, your writing has changed immensely!”

As for the on-line post, the very notion of should I or should I not post Haven’t Heard From You Lately. is the very heart of its controversiality (Is that a word? If not, poetic license for it fits the bill…LOL!).

Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved
This could have been a trick question had it not been for  Magpie Inspiration. I was new to the Magpie Tales’ prompts and, so, I missed this entry’s closing date!

Whew, smooth sailing here 😀 And, well what do you know? Finally, I’ve managed to choose only one post to list in a category…LOL!

Surprisingly Successful Post
Oh well, once again, I’m back to two choices: From “I Shut My Eyes in Order to See” and Remnants.

For From “I Shut My Eyes in Order to See”, if you’d heard me cry “My muse made me post it!”, then you know why I chose it. I was surprised at how well-received it was.

For the latter, Remnants came to me rather quickly. I posted it, took it down then re-posted it not quite sure it was indeed a finished piece. Like RoughWaterJohn wrote, “At the time, I thought it was good enough to post, but not an especially wonderful or amazing piece. I was quite surprised  that many people enjoyed it, felt an affinity for the words and were moved by what it said. I was a very proud Pirate.” (And, so what? I’m a pirate! I’ve learned to pilfer golden nuggets when I sees ’em!)

Most Helpful Post
Hot on the Captain’s heels, I too choose to pull a surprise here. For my post Hedgehog Survival or At Least Not Tonight, is about my lending two helping hands to a frightened little hedgehog.  I think, to quote again RoughWaterJohn, this post also shows that there is help and succor when you least expect it, and that help can come in many ways.

Post I’m Most Proud Of
Here, it  is easy for me to choose one post:  Hail La Forge!
This is a poem I drafted after leaving an exhilarating poetry workshop. Inspiration and energy buzzed all around me until I had drafted this, my first lengthy poem.

Hail La Forge! is a celebration of us writers, our craft, our comings together.

I have read it aloud before audiences in France and Geneva. Its reception has just been awesome. Indeed, it’s been included in a just-released anthology called Offshoots XI, published by the Geneva Writers’ Group.

Do I sound proud, or what? LOL.

Okay, so now I’ve come to the end of the Captain’s  Seven Links Challenge v2.0.

Here’s what the Captain wrote prior to passing the gauntlet on to me.
This shall I pilfer and pass on to thee:

If you’re one of those picked for this honor, know that merely bestowing it upon you is worthy enough. I would love to see your picks, and read your thoughts on what and why,
but it is a lot of work.

If your schedule is too hectic, if you’ve already received the challenge in the past or if you simply don’t know what to pick, I will understand.

It would be wonderful if you decide to take the Challenge, but I won’t be hurt or offended if you can’t, for whatever reason. Now, in no particular order, I hereby Challenge thee.

The Noiseless Cuckooclock A sensitive artist and wordsmith whom I’ve only recently discovered whose about page reads: “I am a curious soul who loves to read and write, I daydream a lot, and blogging is part of my dream, thanks for reading.” I in turn say “Thank you for writing!”

Pics and Poems Another recent golden nugget I’ve added to my collection. Here, let me whet your appetite with Apples were never that sexy! See if you can resist this author’s fabulous wit!

In France, there’s a saying that goes “Never two without three.”  And so here is Morning, my third choice and another recent discovery. I hope you too will enjoy discovering this wonderful blog.


About emanita01

I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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5 Responses to RoughWaterJohn Passes on The Seven Links Challenge v2.0 Gauntlet

  1. thanks for viksitiing, could not quite get what it means.

    forgive me.

    • emanita01 says:

      Looks as if there’s some crucial info missing as to what one most do to respond to the challenge. You’re supposed to go through your own blog posts and choose seven that fit the “categories” that follow (e.g. what in your opinion is your most beautiful post, your most popular post and so on). And then, once you’ve chosen seven of your own posts, you pass the challenge on to three other blogs that you appreciate.

      There, hope this clarifies things 😀

  2. This was perfect Em, I enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite pieces of yours, and enjoyed a few wonderful new surprises. The joy and laughter come through your words. Well done Pirate Em, well done. I’m off to visit your picks now. 🙂

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